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Illegal eel trap drowns protected otter
The Environment Agency is urging anglers to report illegal fishing activity after an otter died in an illegally set trap to capture eels.
Sperm whale washes ashore at Skegness Beach
A dead sperm whale, 35 feet in length, weighing an estimated 30 tonnes, washed ashore at Skegness Beach.
Dartmoor ponies to go on the pill
A pioneering project to put Dartmoor's wild ponies on the pill is to begin in Devon later this year.
Deer culls aggressive Scottish Gamekeepers Association says
Deer culls in the name of conservation are "aggressive" and harm populations that support sporting estates, a gamekeepers body has said.
Chepstow badger deaths inquiry launched by Gwent Police
Gwent Police have launched an investigation after two dead badgers were found in Chepstow.
'Last' surviving kite reintroduced to Highlands thought to have died
RSPB Scotland believes the last of the original red kites introduced to the Highlands from Sweden almost 20 years ago has died.
Distressed dolphin put to sleep
Crew members of Port Talbot's inshore lifeboat are no strangers to being called out when swimmers get into trouble.
Whale stranded on Milford Haven mudbank is put to sleep
Marine experts say a whale stranded on a beach in Pembrokeshire has been put to sleep because it was dying.
Scandinavian trees 'survived last Ice Age'
Some Scandinavian trees survived the last Ice Age, challenging a widely held notion that they were killed off by the huge ice sheet that covered the region.
British Isles
Farmer guilty of damaging one of Derbyshire’s finest conservation sites
A Derbyshire farmer has been ordered to pay financial penalties totalling £18,710 and to carry out restoration work at his own expense, after admitting to carrying out un-authorised activities in an area legally protected for its rare geological features and upland habitats, within the Peak District National Park.
RSPB Conwy to use salt water form River Conwy to tackle alien invader for first time
A major project will see water from the River Conwy enter the RSPB Conwy’s lagoons at Llandudno Junction for the first time since the site was created more than 20 years ago.
Trump in new turbines warning
Donald Trump will do "whatever is necessary" to stop wind turbines being built close to his luxury golf course amid claims that historic links courses across Scotland are under threat from similar developments.
Gamekeepers warn deer cull 'carnage' risks jobs
Gamekeepers have provoked the ire of conservationists after claiming that deer herds are being culled to such an extent that rural jobs and livelihoods are at risk.
Cattle virus hits nine more farms
Nine more farms in England have been hit by the Schmallenberg virus, the midge-borne livestock infection that can cause birth deformities in lambs and calves.
Wildlife haven status for Thames Estuary airport land
Opponents of a new airport in the Thames Estuary have welcomed a government decision to designate the land earmarked for the project as a new wildlife haven.
£500,000 to improve our coastal wildlife
More than £500,000 is to be spent on creating “nature zones” on a stretch of our coast.
Wildlife groups delighted as Talbot Heath site is saved
Wildlife bodies who opposed development plans they feared would desecrate “one of the most important wildlife sites in the country”, are delighted it has been thrown out.
Oil leak
BP reaches $7.8 billion deal over Gulf of Mexico spill
BP Plc has reached an estimated $7.8 billion deal with businesses suing over the massive 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the company said on Friday, but the oil giant still faces claims by the U.S. government, Gulf states and drilling partners.
Effects of environmental toxicants reach down through generations
A Washington State University researcher has demonstrated that a variety of environmental toxicants can have negative effects on not just an exposed animal but the next three generations of its offspring.
Unexpected crustacean diversity discovered in northern freshwater ecosystems
Freshwater ecosystems in northern regions are home to significantly more species of water fleas than traditionally thought, adding to evidence that regions with vanishing waters contain unique animal life.
Are frogs rapidly facing extinction?
If you happen to see a frog hopping around in your back yard, take a good look— it might not be around for much longer.
EIB to lend €250m to Chinese sustainable forestry
The European Investment Bank (EIB) is to lend €250 million ($330 million) to sustainable forestry projects in China.
Germans kick off snowboots as storks signal spring
Germans are shrugging off their winter coats and peering through binoculars to catch a glimpse of the harbingers of spring: white storks who have started to arrive this week.
Nearby chimpanzee populations show much greater genetic diversity than distant human populations
Chimpanzee populations living in relatively close proximity are substantially more different genetically than humans living on different continents, according to a study recently published in PLoS Genetics.
Economic slowdown means UK can phase out more fossil energy
The economic slowdown means the UK could retire old coal, oil and nuclear power plants without risking black-outs between 2015 and 2020, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
Death threats, intimidation and abuse
The scientist who has borne the full brunt of attacks by climate change deniers, including death threats and accusations of misappropriating funds, is set to hit back.
Obama warns on "false choice" between growth, environment
President Barack Obama, defending himself against election-year attacks over his energy policies, said on Friday that his critics were trying to set up a "false choice" between protecting the environment and boosting the economy.
Helping protect vulnerable birds from impacts of climate change
Scientists from PRBO Conservation Science and the Department of Fish and Game have completed an innovative study on the effects of climate change on bird species of greatest concern.
Firms rush to meet latest solar feed-in tariff deadline
Businesses and households are rushing to complete solar electricity projects ahead of the latest cuts to feed-in tariff incentives, which will come into effect from tomorrow as part of the government's efforts to ensure the popular scheme does not exceed its budget.
UK CCS plants clear European funding hurdle
The UK capture and storage (CCS) industry is in prime position to claim EU funding after all six projects put forwards by the UK government passed a financial assessment by the European Investment Bank (EIB).
UK dismisses ATH appeal in carbon reduction scheme
The government has dismissed an appeal by coal producer ATH Resources related to its participation in the government's Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme, the company said on Friday.