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Sea-life paddling fast to survive climate change
Climate change is subtly altering average yearly and seasonal temperatures on land and water and looks set to have a significant impact on Northern Ireland's coastal ecology
Rare turtle found on Cumbria beach
An endangered creature has been found washed up on the Cumbrian coast.
Bittern returns to Rye Meads
RSPB Rye Meads nature reserve, near Hoddesdon, is delighted to announce the first of the winter bitterns have returned to the reserve!
First batch of grey partridges take flight from Fingal farm
The first results of an ambitious nature conservation project has literally taken flight with the release of the first batch of native Grey Partridges from a Fingal farm.
RSPB to create haven for lapwing birds to breed near Tamworth
The RSPB is set to transform its newly-opened Middleton Lakes nature reserve, near Tamworth, into a haven for breeding lapwings.
Warning over Tayside and Fife deer poaching surge
Deer coursers caused a group of the animals to run into traffic on a busy dual carriageway in an attempt to escape, police have revealed.
Experts come together to discuss how to make landscapes work for pollinators
Buglife and a number of conservation organisations, farming groups and research institutions met in York this week to discuss how strips of permanent wildflower-rich habitat called B-Lines could help landscapes work better for pollinating insects in the future.
Beware of burning dozing toads
Bonfire Night revellers are urged to look out for dozing hogs and frogs before they light their fires.
Gloucester Railway Triangle plans 'not lizard friendly'
Concerns have been raised by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust over a plan to redevelop a brown field site in Gloucester.
Roads are detrimental to Europe's protected bats
A new study by the University of Leeds is the first to prove that major roads significantly reduce bat numbers, activity and diversity – raising serious issues for how road construction projects mitigate their impact on these protected species.
Woodland work for rare butterfly in Dunsford
Work is being carried out at a nature reserve in Devon in a bid to attract rare butterflies to the area.
British Isles
Poisoned kite
RSPB calls for ban on owning deadly poisons
Conservationists called on Thursday for possession of poisons used to illegally kill wildlife to be outlawed, as a report showed dozens of birds of prey were killed last year.
CAP plans could damage agri-environment schemes - Kendall
The NFU has called on the EU Commission to give a clear commitment that farmers in agri-environment schemes will not be penalised by its Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) reform plans.

Fracking company -
we caused 50 tremors in Blackpool –
but we're not going to stop

Fifty separate earth tremors have been caused in the Blackpool area by "fracking" ...
Two months & £100k to go
It’s just seven months since we launched a million pound campaign to buy Llyndy Isaf, it today appeals for one last push.
We are not cartoon villains, landowners tell RSPB
One of Britain’s biggest wildlife charities has been accused of trying to persuade children that landowners are “criminals” by depicting the villain in a cartoon strip as a wealthy estate owner.
Scots wind power ‘could keep lights on in England’
Green energy from Scotland may be needed to keep the lights on in England, First Minister Alex Salmond said.
Trump to fight Scottish wind-farm on every possible front
Donald Trump is furious about a proposed off-shore wind-farm near his £750 million golf resort development in Menie on the Scottish Aberdeenshire coast - so much so that he has written a letter to Alex Salmond.
Energy firms warn about 'slow' Welsh planning process
Energy companies could shun Wales and invest elsewhere in Europe because of the complicated planning process, AMs have been warned.
FWAG to make announcement on its future
The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) is expected to make an announcement on its future within the next 48 hours.
Fracking tests near Blackpool 'likely cause' of tremors
It is "highly probable" that shale gas test drilling triggered earth tremors in Lancashire, a study has found.
Future of forests in U.S. West unclear
Climate change and other factors are causing massive movements of tree species across the U.S. West, researchers say.
EU threatens to take France to court over algae
The European Commission has asked France to address the uncontrolled expansion of green algae on its coasts, threatening to take the country before the European Court of Justice if the response is deemed insufficient in the next months.
South Africa record for rhino poaching deaths
The demand for rhino horns has led to record poaching this year in South Africa, wildlife charity WWF has said.
Saving Ghana's vanishing frogs
Frogs need all the help they can get. With the IUCN Red List estimating that 41 percent of amphibians are endangered, frogs are currently the world's most imperiled animal family.
New study reveals coral reefs may support much more biodiversity
Smithsonian scientists and colleagues conducted the first DNA barcoding survey of crustaceans living on samples of dead coral taken from the Indian, Pacific and Caribbean oceans.
WWF launches ‘investment scheme’ to secure future of the Coral Triangle
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has launched a new regional campaign that encourages individuals to buy virtual property across the Coral Triangle, the world’s centre of marine life.
Interpol campaign to protect threatened tiger
Interpol on Wednesday launched a new campaign to coordinate the global fight against tiger poaching, warning that failure to protect the endangered cats would have economic and social repercussions.
Groups sue U.S. over GMO crops in wildlife refuges
Environmental and food safety groups filed suit on Wednesday against the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, demanding it end the cultivation of genetically modified crops on Midwestern wildlife refuges.
Rangers find pair of kiwis 'thriving'
A pair of breeding kiwi birds introduced eight months ago into a remote valley overlooking Milford Sound are "a picture of health", Department of Conservation (Doc) Te Anau rangers said.
Greens ready for battle to save hills
The state government has decided to permit four per cent construction in the proposed biodiversity parks (BDP), but the environmentalists are not prepared to let go of the hills so easily.
Tropical island
Vulnerable islands urge climate deal before end-2012
A group of island states most vulnerable to global warming have lashed out against rich nations for wanting to delay a new international climate pact until years after the Kyoto Protocol on curbing carbon emissions expires in 2012.
Climate talks: China calls on developing countries to 'step up'
Developing countries must step up with concrete plans to cut carbon emissions to break the deadlock in beleaguered UN climate talks, China's top climate change official has told the Guardian.
Carbon watchdog warns on shipping
Shipping’s share of UK carbon emissions could rise from about 2.5 per cent to as high as 25 per cent by 2050 without decisive action, according to the carbon emissions watchdog.
Hogan shifts policy on climate change as Bill 'not a priority'
A radical shift in policy on climate change is to be outlined by Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan today, when he announces that a climate change Bill is not a priority.
SNP's 100% renewable energy plan is 'overambitious'
Scotland's Labour leader has said the SNP government's renewable energy targets were "overambitious" and "technically undeliverable".
Alex Salmond: England needs our green energy to keep their lights on
Green energy from Scotland may be needed to keep the lights on in England, First Minister Alex Salmond said today.
UK needs to move forward with CCS: adviser
Britain should move forward with developing carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration projects to help meet climate change targets, the government's advisory group on climate change said, just weeks after a UK project was canceled.
Action urged on ships' carbon emissions
Greenhouse gas emissions from shipping should be included in the UK's climate change budgets, the Committee on Climate Change has recommended.
The G20 must tackle climate change
Critics often accuse world leaders of being able to focus on no more than one problem at once.