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Ladybird decline driven by 'invading' harlequin
Ladybirds native to the UK and other European countries are declining fast as the invasive harlequin species spreads, scientists have shown.
Cold snap drives birds into gardens
Birds have flocked into gardens in the face of the recent harsh weather, the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) has said.
Windermere geese cull opposition mounts
Opposition is mounting against plans to shoot 200 geese as part of a cull on Windermere.
Nottinghamshire rangers highlight plight of hedgehogs
Families are being urged to make their gardens havens for hedgehogs in Nottinghamshire this coming year.
Catcha! Six-foot Big Cat captured on video
A leopard-like creature 6ft from nose to tail is caught on video bounding across a field at dusk ...
Scientist’s highlights efforts to get bees buzzing
A scientist at the University of Reading has called for immediate action to save pollinating insects crucial to British wildlife and the economy.
Waging war on our unwanted invaders
In contrast to the ‘nightmare’ plant species he is helping to combat, Neil Catchpole is entirely native to this part of the country.
Wildlife suffering as countryside dries out
Nature experts warn that this summer could be the worst for wildlife in over 30 years if the current period of low rainfall continues.
'Jelly bean' mould found at Castle Eden Nature Reserve
One of Britain's most rare "slime moulds" has been found at a County Durham nature reserve.
Ssssscotland here we come!
The first firm evidence that the grass snake is now living in the wild north of the Border has been uncovered by a naturalist ...
An otter steals the show
The sky was antifreeze blue and there was white frost on the molehills but about 50 people had braved the midday cold.
British Isles
MoD objects to Bempton wind turbine plan
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has objected to proposals to erect a wind turbine at Bempton in East Yorkshire.
Meadows have Leicester's 'most extensive' area of wildlife
Nature experts have named Aylestone Meadows as the "best and most extensive" area of wildlife in Leicester.
Lincolnshire farmer given grant to plant 175m of hedgerows
A woodland grant scheme will enable a third generation farmer to plant 175m of leafy hedgerows on his land at Navenby.
Volunteers work Weymouth woodland
Volunteers and countryside rangers have been working together to expand Teddy Bear Woods in Weymouth.
Guidance aims to help save Scotland’s designed landscapes
Environment & Climate Change Minister, Stewart Stevenson, today visited Dunkeld’s storm damaged Cathedral Grove to see how recently published guidance from Forestry Commission Scotland can help restore this designed landscape.
Stunning new maps show countryside at risk
The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) today launches a report with detailed new maps showing that 55 per cent of England’s countryside could be at increased risk from development as a consequence of the Government’s reforms of the planning system.
Wind farm subsidy cut urged by MPs
More than 100 Conservative MPs have written to the prime minister urging him to cut subsidies for wind turbines.
Could 2012 be year of the wind turbine?
Britain is building more wind turbines this year than ever before with almost 800 turbines due to start spinning across the countryside and around the coast over the next 12 months.
Irrawaddy dolphin
Rare Irrawaddy dolphins found in Indonesian waters
Vulnerable Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) have been discovered for the first time in West Kalimantan, a part of Indonesian Borneo that best known for its dense tropical forests and rich wildlife.
China presses Myanmar on stalled dam
One of the first indications that change was afoot in Myanmar came when President Thein Sein announced last year the suspension of the China-backed, US$3.6 billion Myitsone dam slated for the country's remote Kachin state.
Vampire and bird frogs: discovering new amphibians in Southeast Asia's threatened forests
In 2009 researchers discovered 19,232 species new to science, most of these were plants and insects, but 148 were amphibians.
Can the jungle law save orangutans?
There have probably been at least 2,800 confiscations of illegally kept orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra since the early 1970s.
Petrel causes a storm for New Zealand
New Zealand Storm-petrel Oceanites maorianus was presumed extinct until its rediscovery by bird watchers in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf Marine Park in 2003.
Marine risk from skeleton fighting shrimp
A crustacean branded a 'skeletal alien invader' could be threatening New Zealand's marine biodiversity, marine scientists say.
Oceana blasts Spanish Government support for oil prospecting in the Canary Islands
Oceana strongly denounces Spain’s support for oil prospecting in front of the Eastern coasts of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura (the Canary Islands).
Knives out over plan on electric grid permits
EU proposals to impose a three-year deadline on local authorities to issue construction permits for new power lines has met with sharp opposition in the 27-country bloc, EurActiv has learned.
UK greenhouse gas rise exceeds expectations on 2010 recovery
The UK has been pumping out more greenhouses gases (GHG) than previously thought, according to new government figures confirming emissions rose 3.1 per cent between 2009 and 2010.
How the 'wind farms increase climate change' myth was born
Such is the viral nature of information flow on the internet, we can sometimes see myths and memes developing before our very eyes.
Nearly half of electricity at UK businesses wasted during off hours
A UK report says that nearly half of the electricity consumed by British businesses is wasted when employees are not at work.
KPMG refuses to publish controversial green energy report
KPMG is refusing to publish the full findings of a controversial study examining the cost of the government's green energy policies, which was originally used as a basis for a series of media reports attacking the cost of renewable energy.
EU says it won't back down in airline emissions row
The European Commission stood by its position in an ongoing dispute with China over plans to charge airlines flying to Europe for their carbon emissions, raising the stakes ahead of an EU-China summit in Beijing next week.
Political discourse driving public opinion on climate, report finds
U.S. opinion on climate change over the last decade has been affected more by the discourse of political leaders than by media reports about global warming or extreme weather events, according to a new study.
Politics may be real climate hazard - experts
Climate change impacts – from worsening droughts to new pots of climate-related cash for fragile states – may turn out to be a catalyst for worsening conflict.
Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering
A small group of leading climate scientists, financially supported by billionaires including Bill Gates, are lobbying governments and international bodies to back experiments into manipulating the climate on a global scale to avoid catastrophic climate change.