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High speed rail must not destroy wildlife
The Wildlife Trusts are concerned the Government’s proposed route for high speed rail phase one from London to Birmingham will pose a serious threat to wildlife should it get the go ahead.
Beavers may win reprieve
Scores of beavers living wild in Scotland may be allowed to go on roaming free, Scotland on Sunday understands.
Crowds thrilled as whales feast on birds
A pod of four killer whales kept a crowd of wildlife watchers entranced for hours on a still afternoon in Shetland on Sunday.
Wildlife set for a busy 2012
The Scottish Wildlife Trust is preparing for a very busy and exciting 2012, looking after Scotland’s wildlife for the benefit of current and future generations.
Concern for golden eagles
RSPB Scotland is seriously concerned about the impact a recently consented scheme by Scottish Ministers to extend a wind farm will have on golden eagles and white-tailed eagles.
Spring arrives early in Britain following mild winter weather
The first signs of spring are emerging weeks early in the countryside and in gardens as a result of the mild winter, experts said today.
Unseasonably warm weather sees doubling of wild flowers in Cardiff
Sunseekers tanned in October, ducks were spotted plodding through Caerphilly Castle in November and record numbers of Tenby swimmers took the plunge on Boxing Day.
British Isles
Crab and lobster fishermen fear for their livelihoods
Crab and lobster fishermen in Gwynedd are concerned that plans to close parts of the sea bed off Lleyn to them could affect their livelihoods.
Suffolk Wildlife Trust aims to buy Knettishall Heath Country Park
The Suffolk Wildlife Trust (SWT) has said it needs to raise £100,000 from the public by the end of January to help buy a country park.
Wind turbine blades fly off in storm
Fears over the safety of wind farms has been raised after blades were ripped off three turbines in winds of up to 112mph.
Wind farm to be built at site of decisive Civil War battle
A wind farm is to be built at the site of one of the most important battles ever fought on English soil, despite officials admitting that the scheme will “harm the setting” of the historic location.
Wind breezes to a record power-share in storm-lashed UK
High winds helped the UK’s turbine fleet to achieve bumper output in December and the first few days of 2012, latest figures reveal.
Minister hits out at sewerage plans
A Government minister has voiced his opposition to a super sewerage plant proposed for his constituency.
Hope as Botanics picks up pieces
Staff at a Scottish tourist attraction badly hit in this week's storms say it will take several weeks for the damage to their historic glasshouse to be repaired.
Minister almost too good to be true for nature conservation
Ireland must go on. It can’t go on. It’ll go on. So too, we must hope, will our thought and effort for nature.
Stricken New Zealand cargo ship breaks up
A cargo ship that caused New Zealand's worst maritime pollution disaster when it ran aground three months ago broke in two in a storm on Sunday, raising fears of a fresh environmental crisis.
Government in talks to free whaling activists from ship
The Australian Government says it is doing everything it can to try to ensure the safe release of three anti-whaling activists ...
Biodiesel plant turns poppies into power
A new biodiesel plant in Tasmania's northern midlands is producing alternative fuel from poppy seeds.
In suspension
The fast-flowing currents and rich biodiversity of the Mekong river have gained a temporary reprieve.
Multibillion illegal wildlife trade threatens SE Asia’s biodiversity
Philippine National Police and Aviation Security personnel seized a box containing 26.5 kilograms of Philippine pangolin or anteater meat ...
Appeal launched for Patagonian grebe
Recent surveys on its coastal Patagonian wintering grounds indicate that the Endangered Hooded Grebe Podiceps gallardoi has declined by 40% in the last seven years ...
Like magic, Harry Potter's owl spotted across US
Famous for its role as Harry Potter's companion in the books and movies, a species of majestic, mostly white owls is being sighted in abundant numbers ...
Climate change affecting Europe's butterflies and birds
Fast-track warming in Europe is making butterflies and birds fall behind in moves to cooler habitats and prompting a worrying turnover in alpine plant species, studies published on Sunday said.
MPs launch bid to protect Arctic
Climate change must be recognised as an issue when it comes to oil and gas drilling in the Arctic, MPs said as they launched an inquiry into protecting the region.
Climate change is altering mountain vegetation at large scale
The decade from 2000 to 2009 was the warmest since global climate has been measured, and while localized studies have shown evidence of changes in mountain plant communities that reflect this warming trend, no study has yet taken a continental-scale view of the situation – until now.
Africa's rainforests 'more resilient' to climate change
Tropical forests in Africa may be more resilient to future climate change than the Amazon and other regions, a gathering of scientists has said.
Acid test for 'evil twin' of climate change
They call themselves Team Acid and are trawling the Southern Ocean with fine nets to see if the shells of tiny marine snails are thinning because of ocean acidification.
Greenhouse gas emissions are delaying Earth's next ice age
A scheduled new ice age could well have been upon us in the next millennium were it not for increases in CO2 due to humans, a new report suggests.
Alex Salmond signs Abu Dhabi green energy deal
Scotland is to tie up a deal with one of the world’s richest cities to boost the burgeoning renewable energy sector.