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Tansy beetle
Campaign to protect rare beetle starts
A two-year conservation project has been launched to help protect a beetle found only on the banks of the River Ouse.
'Killer whale' sighted off Norfolk coast at Sheringham
Reports that a killer whale has been sighted off the Norfolk coast have been described as "highly reliable" by an expert on mammals.
Marine charity wants 'zero kill' policy to protect seals
A wildlife charity is calling on ministers to introduce "a zero kill" policy for seals and afford them the same level of protection awarded to birds of prey.
Wildlife Trust slam badger culling plan
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust is calling for badger vaccinations rather than culling in a bid to tackle the spread of the Bovine TB disease.
Night vision putting deer in line of fire
It's bad news for deer in Neath and Port Talbot as culling in the area is taking on a whole new James Bond-styled approach.
Farmers credited with Fowlmere reed bunting increase
A sharp rise in the numbers of a bird species which had been on the decline at a Cambridgeshire reserve is down to changes in farming, bird experts say
Wildlife recorders: Bingo conservationists?
Reports that a killer whale had been sighted off the Norfolk coast generated a huge amount of interest on Tuesday.
Midges spread bluetongue upwind as well as down
You might imagine midges are so small and weak that they're blown about at the mercy of the elements.
Mussels colony wiped out after Delphi Bridge Repairs
Ireland's largest colony of rare freshwater pearl mussels, in the Bundorragh River in County Mayo, may have been destroyed ...
British Isles
Carron restoration funding confirmed
Following yesterday’s announcement that Scottish Sea Farms had pledged £50,000 towards the restoration of the River Carron in Wester Ross, the university behind the project has revealed that it has raised an extra £250,000.
Birder boost for Easter Ross
Birdwatchers lured by waders and wildfowl attracted in spectacular numbers to an Easter Ross reserve will soon be able to do so from a purpose-built hide.
Donald Trump condemns Scots’ silence over wind farms
Donald Trump has condemned Scotland’s tourism and heritage agencies for their continued silence on the proliferation of offshore wind developments in Scotland.
Noise rules for wind turbines should be relaxed, says
A Ross-shire MSP has called for noise restrictions on wind turbines in the Highlands to be relaxed — and claimed “a cackling chicken” can breach the rules.
National Trust battle over wind turbines steps up after boss’s outburst
The National Trust has insisted its position on renewable energy remains “unchanged” after its chairman launched an attack on the “public menace” of wind turbines destroying the countryside.
Battlelines drawn as Cumbrian residents square up over nuclear waste site
A decision looms on whether - and where - to build the UK's first deep disposal for nuclear waste. Two borough councils in Cumbria have 'volunteered' - but can the communities be convinced?
Southend West MP attacks Boris Johnson's Thames Estuary airport plan
Plans for an airport in the Thames Estuary have been dismissed as “absolutely barking mad” by Tory MP David Amess.
Diamond Jubilee Community Orchard saves rare Leicestershire apples
After decades of decline, wonderfully named, but extremely rare varieties of Leicestershire apples such as Dumelow’s Seedling (a predecessor of the Bramley apple), Peasgood Nonsuch and Annie Elizabeth have been saved for the nation to enjoy ...
Snow leopard
Survey of snow leopard prey reveals ‘Noah's ark' of wildlife in Bhutan
The first ever snow leopard prey survey in Bhutan’s newest national park has revealed astonishing footage of snow leopards scent-marking, a sub-adult snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, threatened Himalayan serow, musk deer and a healthy population of blue sheep, the main food source for snow leopards.
India village in Rajasthan relocates to protect tigers
An entire village has been relocated in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan to protect tigers, officials say.
Crime chiefs agree to get tough on illegal tiger trade
Crime chiefs from countries with populations of wild tigers have agreed to work together in order to combat the illegal trade in the big cats.
Tiny songbird northern wheatear traverses the world
Miniature tracking devices have revealed the epic 30,000km (18,640 miles) migration of the diminutive northern wheatear.
Contrasting extreme long-distance migration patterns in bar-tailed godwits Limosa lapponica
Migrating birds make the longest non-stop endurance flights in the animal kingdom.
Tiny chameleons discovered in Madagascar
Four new species of miniaturized lizards have been identified in Madagascar.
Tiny insect discovered in wilds of Belize
U.S. entomologists say they've discovered a tiny grasshopper-like insect in Belize and named it in commemoration of a Mayan people who once lived there.
EU countries still failing the forests
EU countries are not doing enough to stem the flow of illegal and unsustainable timber or regulating its sale, despite the upcoming introduction of two pieces of legislation to halt its import, according to a survey by WWF.
Leak exposes how Heartland Institute works to undermine climate science
The inner workings of a libertarian thinktank working to discredit the established science on climate change have been exposed by a leak of confidential documents detailing its strategy and fundraising networks.
Extreme summer temperatures occur more frequently
Extreme summer temperatures are already occurring more frequently in the United States, and will become normal by mid-century if the world continues on a business as usual schedule of emitting greenhouse gases.
Obama stresses climate change and clean energy in budget
The White House released a 2013 budget request yesterday that would increase funding for climate change and clean energy programs at several agencies ...
EU airline charge hurts climate fight-China, India
The European Union's move to charge airlines for carbon emissions violates international laws and jeopardises global efforts to fight climate change, the BASIC group of countries, which includes China, said on Tuesday.
EU green energy sector powers through one million jobs mark
Employment in the EU's renewable energy sector has broken through the one million mark for the first time, after the number of people working in the industry increased 25 per cent in 2010.
Reversal of multicentury tree growth improvements
Altitudinal tree line ecotones (ATE) are among the most sensitive plant formations facing global warming as the altitudinal decrease in temperature is considered the driver controlling the upper elevation limit of tree lines world-wide.
Soil erosion increasing global warming threat: UNEP
Global warming will get worse as agricultural methods accelerate the rate of soil erosion, which depletes the amount of carbon the soil is able to store, a United Nations' Environment Programme report said on Monday.