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Dry river
Drought warning for wildlife
The RSPB is warning that if the drought situation continues, it could spell potential disaster for wildlife.
Welney wildfowl at risk from drought
The district’s wildlife could suffer its worst summer for more than 30 years due to a lack of rainfall, nature experts have warned.
Study warns action needed to save Irish hare from extinction
The Irish hare is one of a number of native species facing extinction if action is not taken to control the invasion of foreign mammals in Ireland, according to new research.
Hunt for rare butterfly in Brighton
It is a mysterious brown creature which rarely ventures out of its natural habitat.
Beluga whale sightings in SNH marine renewables report
Beluga whales are among rare species spotted at, or near to, proposed Scottish sites for marine renewable energy projects, a report says.
Rare bird draws thousand twitchers to Rhiwderin
More than 1,000 birdwatchers flocked to a Newport field after a bird, rarely seen this side of the Atlantic, was spotted there.
Newport incinerator ‘will hit wildlife’
A proposed waste incinerator in Newport would damage wildlife and rare species on the Gwent Levels.
Wildlife helpdesk gets £10k boost
Residents in Devon will be able to get their wildlife questions answered thanks to a £10,000 grant made to a conservation charity.
Smallest Irish mammal 'may vanish'
Ireland’s smallest mammal, the protected pygmy shrew, has “completely vanished” in some areas due to the introduction of new species.
Deadly crayfish close in on rare pearl mussels
They have dwelt in Scotland’s waterways since the last Ice Age and were, according to Roman historians, the reason why Julius Caesar invaded Britain.
British Isles
Drought may be new norm for UK, says environment secretary
Drought may be the new norm for the UK, with drastic measures including growing genetically modified crops likely to be considered as part of the solution, the environment secretary has said.
Farming rules are vital for wildlife, say conservationists
Regulation has a vital role in farming - that’s the message from conservationists responding to Government proposals unveiled today.
UK wave and tidal has huge potential – needs government backing
The UK could become a leading exporter of wave and tidal power equipment and expertise if the Government adopts a more visionary approach to developing marine renewables, according to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee.
Environment Bank launches trading platform for biodiversity offsets
The UK’s Environment Bank has teamed up with Mission Markets to set up a trading platform for biodiversity credits – and says that the first trade could be weeks away.
Public forests are 'under threat again'
Campaigners in the Lake District have issued a new warning that public forests are once again under threat.
MPs’ plea for £2m Brecks support
Three MPs have urged a government minister to back the Brecks’ bid for £2 million of funding.
Drax scraps plans for UK biomass plants
Drax, operator of Britain's largest coal-fired power station, is scrapping plans to build two biomass plants in the UK with Germany's Siemens in a fresh blow to the future of renewable energy.
Atlantis in talks to create joint tidal and wind farm
A leading tidal power developer has revealed it is in talks to create a new marine energy farm capable of producing both wind and tidal power, in a bid to cut costs and boost the reliability of intermittent green energy technologies.
Floating turbines to plug into Hayle wave hub
The coast of Cornwall could become home to a pioneering "floating wind farm" as part of a £25 million project to link into the world's largest wave energy test site and pave the way for more offshore turbines.
Civilisation faces 'perfect storm of ecological and social problems'
Celebrated scientists and development thinkers today warn that civilisation is faced with a perfect storm of ecological and social problems driven by overpopulation, overconsumption and environmentally malign technologies.
Conservation is priceless for Kenyan forest
The conservation of forests in Kenya has been a challenge to policy makers.
Africanized bees, climate and disease killing Mexico's honey
Africanized bees, climate change and disease are seen by local beekeepers as the cause for the drop in honey production around Mexico’s largest freshwater lake.
Climate change plays major role in decline of blackbird species
Populations of the rusty blackbird, a once-abundant North American species, have declined drastically in recent years, and Auburn University researchers say climate change is to blame.
Canada threatens trade war with EU over tar sands
Canada has threatened a trade war with European Union over the bloc's plan to label oil from Alberta's vast tar sands as highly polluting, the Guardian can reveal, before a key vote in Brussels on 23 February.
France asks EU to suspend Monsanto GM corn approval
France asked the European Commission on Monday to suspend authorization to plant Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) MON810 corn ...
Environmental factors must be included in GDP, say scientists
Countries must move beyond tracking economic growth using measures of gross domestic product (GDP) and incorporate environmental and social dimensions into a new measure of wealth if they are to avoid an escalating series of climate, biodiversity and poverty crises.
‘Mobile’ marine reserves needed to protect far-ranging species
U.S. scientists say the creation of “mobile” marine reserves reflecting the migratory nature of far-ranging species will be needed to prevent the extinction of some vulnerable species.
Ancient plants back to life after 30,000 frozen years
Scientists in Russia have grown plants from fruit stored away in permafrost by squirrels over 30,000 years ago.
Government to launch Supreme Court appeal against solar ruling
The government is reportedly poised to lodge a Supreme Court appeal against two court rulings that branded its plans to cut solar incentives as illegal.
EU ministers mull climate aid from airlines, ships, draft shows
European Union finance ministers will ask the bloc’s regulator to analyze how putting a price on carbon from aviation and shipping could help raise funds to fight climate change, according to a draft EU document.
Climate change increased likelihood of Russian 2010 heatwave
The extreme Russian heatwave of 2010 was made three times more likely because of man-made climate change, according to a study led by climate scientists and number-crunched by home PC users.
British scientist warns AAAS of the threat posed by ocean acidification
One of the UK’s leading voices on ocean acidification has addressed a prestigious conference in Canada with a warning that marine biodiversity is at risk due to the corrosive effects of carbon dioxide.
Confusing climate study actually makes strong case against tar sands
In the world we must strive to achieve, however difficult or implausible it may seem today, there is no place for a major expansion of the tar sands.
Activist deceived institute to obtain climate change papers
A prominent environmental researcher, activist and blogger from Oakland admitted Monday night that he had deceitfully obtained and distributed confidential internal materials from the Heartland Institute, a libertarian group based in Chicago devoted in part to questioning the reality of global warming.
EU nations split on climate goals
European Union governments remain split on whether to support a pathway to long-term climate goals drafted by the bloc’s regulator that some investors say could bolster carbon prices, according to an EU document.