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Water vole
Airport proposals 'catastrophic' for wildlife
Any airport development in the Thames Estuary would be catastrophic for fragile ecosystems and wildlife, warns Kent Wildlife Trust which is prepared to fight any proposals.
Birds and butterflies battle climate change
Animal and insect species in Europe are at risk of extinction because they are failing to respond fast enough to our rapidly changing climate, say scientists.
Food resources and foraging habits of the common shrew
It is widely assumed that winter is a critical time for homeotherms because of decreased ambient temperatures coupled with reduced food supply.
Roe deer may markedly alter forest nitrogen and phosphorus budgets
Most forests in Europe are patchily distributed within the agricultural landscape. Therefore, forest biogeochemistry in Europe cannot be understood without considering the connectivity of nutrient cycles between forest patches and fertilized cropland.
Migrating Somerset eels tracked by camera
A high-tech camera is being used to track eels as they begin their migration to the North Atlantic from Somerset.
Secrecy pledge to badger cull farmers in fear of extremists
Farmers who agree to take part in a pilot programme of badger culls will remain anonymous to protect them from animal rights activists.
Speed limit for birds
The northern goshawk is one of nature's diehard thrill-seekers.
Scientists track Scottish seabirds by sat-nav
Scientists have found that seabirds around the Scottish coast are travelling further in search of food than previously thought.
All-white blackbird photographed
This unusual blackbird is attracting bird watchers to a Nottinghamshire country park.
British Isles
Protesters take on bird charity over plans for village turbine
Campaigners have objected to plans for a new seabird centre at Bempton after failing to win backing for their own campaign against a nearby wind turbine.
'200 new wind turbines needed in Cambridgeshire'
More than 200 extra wind turbines will have to be built in the next two decades if Cambridgeshire is to get anywhere near carbon reduction goals.
Oldbury-on-Severn wind farm appeal is rejected
A planning appeal for a four-turbine wind farm in South Gloucestershire has been rejected.
REpower to upgrade Blyth wind farm with UK's biggest turbine yet
Plans to repower one of the UK's oldest wind farms have taken a major step forward after REpower Systems secured a contract to supply a giant 3.4MW turbine to the Blyth Harbour onshore wind farm in Northumberland.
UK at the forefront of Europe's 866MW offshore wind surge
The EU installed 866MW of offshore wind energy capacity during 2011, almost 90 per cent of which was in UK waters, new industry figures have revealed.
National Trust predicts record visitor numbers this year
The National Trust, one of Europe's biggest conservation charities, is predicting that a record number of visitors – in excess of 18 million – will flock to its pay-for-entry properties this year.
Trust members celebrate five decades of protecting wildlife and habitats
This year marks the golden anniversary of Cornwall Wildlife Trust, its inaugural meeting having been held at the County Museum in Truro on March 23, 1962.
Moray wildlife group one of the best in the UK
A local wildlife group has been judged one of the best in the UK for the second year running.
West Lakes ‘faces being ruined by nuclear dump’
Cumbria is “sleep walking” towards accepting a nuclear dump that will change the Lake District forever, campaigners have claimed.
Sumatran elephant upgraded to critically endangered status
The Sumatran elephant has been placed on the list of critically endangered species after losing half of its population in a single generation, prompting calls from conservation groups for emergency measures to halt the destruction of its habitat.
U.N. sustainable development summit shifts from climate change
Representatives from around the world gather in Rio in June to try to hammer out goals for sustainable development at a U.N. conference designed to avoid being tripped up by the intractable issue of climate change.
Biodiversity in danger without swift action, MEPs say
With Europe facing a “silent crisis” of biodiversity loss, MEPs are considering ways to strengthen protections for habitats and species but are divided over how to compel EU national governments to live up to their commitments.
'Peak timber' concerns in tropics
Current tropical timber practices are not sustainable and nations should consider the "implications of 'peak timber'", a study has suggested.
FPC rejects logging forest fears
The Forest Products Commission (FPC) has hit back at claims logging in south-west Western Australia is devastating for endangered animals.
Scientists try to restore Yamuna's original ecosystem
Today the Yamuna Biodiversity Park in Delhi with wetland is home to nearly 200 different species of birds and over 900 species of plants, but it has become synonymous to a filthy dead drain.
Monsanto says won't sell GMO maize in France in 2012
U.S. biotech firm Monsanto said on Tuesday it does not plan to sell its genetically modified maize MON810 in France this year, nor after, even though the country's highest court overturned a 3-year ban in November.
Fungi-filled forests are critical for endangered orchids
When it comes to conserving the world's orchids, not all forests are equal.
U.S. CO2 emissions to stay below 2005 levels as coal use shrinks
U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions will be 7 percent lower than their 2005 level of nearly 6 billion metric tons in 2020 as coal's share of electricity production continues a steady descent over the next two decades, according to new government data.
EU envoy pushes airline carbon law waivers
Countries opposing an EU law that charges airlines for carbon emissions should consider seeking waivers by adopting equivalent emission reduction measures, the EU's new ambassador to India said yesterday (23 January).
Global warming would harm the Earth, but some areas might find it beneficial
“Global warming” and “climate change” succinctly describe a complicated phenomenon, and in just a few decades they have become common descriptors.
Climatic warming-induced change in timings of 24 seasonal divisions in China since 1960
The Twenty-four Solar Terms are ancient Chinese terms used for about 2000 years. They describe 24 stages or timings associated with seasonal changes in phenology and agricultural activity throughout a year.
Impacts of climate change on the future of biodiversity
Many studies in recent years have investigated the effects of climate change on the future of biodiversity.
UNESCO: Vital fate of oceans on Rio+20 agenda
The head of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission at UNESCO has told RTCC that acidification of the world’s seas must be on the agenda at the Rio+20 summit.
Ocean acidity rise unprecedented in past 21,000 years
Carbon dioxide emissions caused by human activities over the last century have increased the acidity of the world’s oceans far beyond the range of natural variations ...