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Great bustard
Great Bustard flies again across South West
The World’s heaviest flying bird is roaming across almost 150 miles of the south west of England for the first time in 180 years signalling a remarkable conservation success story.
Scientists amazed after five migrating cuckoos ... meet up in the same spot in Africa
Scientists have been left astonished after five cuckoos who headed south from Britain for the winter have congregated in the same little-known part of Africa.
Western sandpiper at Norfolk Wildlife Trust reserve
The western sandpiper, a rare North American wading bird, has been identified at Norfolk Wildlife Trust's (NWT) reserve at Cley Marshes.
Natterjack toad conservation project launched in Cumbria
A conservation project to raise awareness of Britain’s rarest and noisiest amphibian has been launched on Cumbria’s coastline.
From near extinction to population boom
Rare dormice have been found in record numbers in woodland near Wragby.
Appeal to look out for mistletoe in Nottinghamshire
People in Nottinghamshire have been asked to record and take pictures of mistletoe growing in the wild.
British Isles
Wentwood Forest near Newport 'recovering well'
A charity which raised £1.5m to buy the largest ancient woodland in Wales and save it from commercial forestry says its restoration is going well.
Ministers call for free vote on repeal of fox hunting ban
The Agriculture minister, Jim Paice, has claimed the Hunting Act is not working – renewing pressure on David Cameron to schedule a free Commons vote on repealing the ban ...
Lawyers crack case of 'unlawful' eggs
Weaknesses in parliament's law-making procedures have been exposed by a curious case encompassing a Tyneside egg-collector, the hatching of a non-existent offence, and the criminalisation of Britain's museums.
Long Preston Wet Grassland Project gets conservation cash
A nationally important wetland in Craven is set to receive £18,000 to enhance its wildlife conservation work and to develop educational and tourism benefits.
Giant tidal device set for tests off Orkney
A giant underwater turbine which could form the world's first tidal power array has been deployed off Orkney.
Green economy and sustainability at heart of Government's recovery plan
A paper to be published today by the Department of the Environment states that the “green economy” must be put at the heart of Government policy over the next decade ...
Sea Shepherd
Sea Shepherd says drones find, photograph Japan's whaling fleet
Hardline whaling opponents attempting to stop Japan's annual whale hunt in the Antarctic said Sunday they had intercepted and photographed its whaling fleet using pilotless drone aircraft.
Critically endangered bats found close to track
A colony of rare native bats has been discovered beside one of the most popular walking tracks in the country.
Capture of rare Sumatran rhino gives hope for species
Malaysian wildlife authorities said Monday the capture of a young female Borneo Sumatran rhino had given them a last chance to save the highly endangered species from extinction.
Habitat danger for Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher
The illegal felling of mature trees on La Digue island, the stronghold of the Critically Endangered Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher Terpsiphone corvina has been exposed by the local media.
Wolves spur rebirth of Yellowstone ecosystems
The reintroduction of wolves has resulted in profound ecoystem changes in the Greater Yellowstone region.
‘Climate change poses serious threat to food security'
Climate change poses the most serious threat to agriculture world over and to the food security, with countries like India facing the most unfavourable crop prospects, according to Chief Operating Officer of NutriPlus Knowledge Programme of ICRISAT Saikatdatta Mazumdar.
Modern-day climate change witch hunt
What is it about freakishly cold winters that so agitates intolerant moralists?
UK Q3 '11 energy consumption down 2.3% year on year
Total energy consumption in the UK fell by 2.3% year on year in the third quarter of 2011, driven by falls of 6.4% in gas demand and 1.5% in electricity usage, the Department for Energy and Climate Change said on Thursday.
CLA Wales calls for an end to uncertainty for renewable energy
CLA Wales has called on the Government to end the uncertainty facing the renewable energy sector after a High Court decision ruled that changes to the Feed-in Tariff for solar power were “legally flawed”.
Ocean acidification varies widely across globe
The deployment of sensors in 15 regions of the world’s oceans shows an extremely wide variation in how rapidly waters are becoming acidified ...
Ministers feel the heat over solar energy cuts
Another day, another challenge to the Government's solar power subsidy cut.