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Greater water parsnip
Rare plants to be reintroduced to Somerset
Two species of rare plant are to be reintroduced to wetland nature reserves on the Somerset Levels.
Three arrests over badger baiting
Three people have been arrested on suspicion of hunting with dogs and badger baiting.
Terry Pratchett warns Britain's hedgehogs and sparrows are dying out
Sir Terry Pratchett, the author, has warned that Britain's hedgehogs and sparrows are in danger of dying out after being "orphaned by traffic, hurt by pollution and forced out of their natural habitat".
Plotting bird paths and easing personal heartache
A group of volunteers working in the Lower Derwent Valley National Nature Reserve (NNR) have ringed more than 1,000 wild birds in a year.
Thousands of coarse fish in Kippax re-homed
Thousands of coarse fish are to be moved to new locations in West and North Yorkshire.
Rare birds disappearing at a 'very worrying' rate
Rare birds are disappearing from the skies above a Scottish national park at a "very worrying" rate, experts have said.
Eighth red kite bird dies from poisoning in Irish Republic
A project in the Irish Republic aimed at reintroducing the Red Kite, a native bird of prey, has suffered a setback after an eighth bird was found dead from illegal poisoning since 2007.
Residents urged not to feed red kites in Chilterns
A conservation board in Oxfordshire has renewed its plea for local residents to stop feeding red kites.
Operation Tree Sparrow is soaraway success
The once rare tree sparrow is beginning to thrive again in the north west thanks to farmers’ involvement in a conservation project aimed at boosting numbers of the farmland bird.
Black squirrels could outnumber reds in England
Black squirrels could now outnumber reds in England as the genetic mutant of the grey species increases across the country.
British Isles
Could underground cables save our countryside from march of the pylons?
Some of Britain’s famous landscapes could be saved from pylons after a new study for the National Grid found underground cables are less expensive than previously thought.
Call to halt turbines over MoD fears
Senior planners are calling for a moratorium on the development of wind turbines in rural Buchan because of Ministry of Defence concerns that renewable energy schemes are interfering with vital defence surveillance systems.
Villagers to have say on 10-turbine wind farm plan in Lincolnshire
Residents can have their say on plans to build a wind farm near the countryside village of Hemswell Cliff.
Expert's bid to restore Surrey's ancient forests for timber harvest
Ancient forests and abandoned coppices in Surrey could become productive woodland again with the appointment of a key expert.
Environment Agency report issues stark warning over East Anglia’s future water supplies
The water shortages already threatening East Anglia’s parched countryside could worsen drastically in future ...
Wales environment policy Natural Environment Framework launched
A consultation on how to rethink the way Wales views, protects and manages its environment has been launched.
Wild Land Management Standards website launched
The John Muir Trust today launched its new Wild Land Management Standards website which illustrates the principles that guide its management of wild land.
Scottish communities could 'appraise' nature's services
Communities could be encouraged to make their own assessments of the direct benefits they get from nature.
Wildlife fan has designs on a better wood
A precious fragment of ancient woodland in the North Pennines is set to be rescued by a nature fan inspired by wildlife with support from the Forestry Commission.
River Loddon fish bypass opens at Arborfield
A channel for fish has been created along a stretch of the River Loddon in Berkshire to help them reach their spawning grounds upstream.
Rebel hero who has 'betrayed' the last of Aceh's orang-utans
When the former rebel leader Irwandi Yusuf became governor of Indonesia's Aceh province, he proclaimed a "green vision" for the war-torn region.
Satellite study reveals critical habitat and corridors for world's rarest gorilla
Conservationists working in Central Africa to save the world's rarest gorilla have good news: the Cross River gorilla has more suitable habitat than previously thought ...
Rhino debate charges ahead
An intense debate is under way about whether the ban on rhino horn trade should be lifted as a way of tackling poaching.
Outrage over dolphin pod jet ski chase
Two jet skiers have been caught on video south-east of Hobart ploughing through a large pod of dolphins and chasing them.
Tony Burke bans grazing in Alpine National Park in Victoria
The federal government isn't the "slightest bit" concerned about any legal challenge the Victorian government might pursue after it banned cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park.
Snakes blamed for 'severe declines' in Florida wildlife
Across southern Florida, rabbits, raccoons, bobcats and foxes have been disappearing at dramatic rates over the past decade, and invasive Burmese pythons are to blame, a US study said Monday.
Plans to block carp will re-reverse Chicago River
Keeping the invasive Asian carp out of the Great Lakes will involve re-reversing the flow of the Chicago River -- an engineering marvel completed a century ago through a complex network of rivers, canals, and locks, a new study said on Tuesday.
EU faces chemical conundrum
The WWF has criticised the European Commission following its decision to add 15 new chemicals to the current list of 33 dangerous water pollutants that most need to be tackled across the EU.
Loss of biodiversity - Europe's 'silent crisis'
We consider ourselves the guardians of planet earth, but we are responsible for an extinction rate that has not been seen since the disappearance of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago – writes MEP
Poland says EU CO2 goal conditional, has doubts on cost study
A potential European Union move to a stricter emissions-reduction goal is conditional on efforts by non-EU nations to cut greenhouse gases, a Polish government official said.
Half of EU airport traffic in CO2 reduction pledge
More than 50 European airports representing half of total EU air passenger traffic have signed up to an industry scheme to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, airports body ACI Europe said on Tuesday.
Europe zeroes in on shipping emissions
New rules to limit pollution from ships are set to start moving through the European Parliament on Tuesday, with the specter of potential environmental contamination from a stricken cruise ship lending momentum to the debate.
Sir David Attenborough hits back at Lord Lawson
Sir David Attenborough has accused Lord Lawson of “unacceptable” selective use of evidence in trying to deny the impacts of global warming.
Climate Change Commission says Wales on right path
Wales is "on the right path" towards tackling climate change, but the Welsh government needs to do more to target additional emissions, a report says.
More on EBLEX and livestock farming’s carbon footprint
The latest EBLEX beef and sheep roadmap was published yesterday.
EU takes next step in making airlines pay for carbon
The European Commission on Monday took another technical step to bring all airlines using EU airports into its carbon trading scheme, following on from last year's court ruling that, despite loud international opposition, the EU plan was legal.
Genetics of Arctic plants under serious threat from climate change
A new EU study by a team of Austrian, French and Norwegian researchers has found that rising temperatures as a result of climate change will have differing genetic consequences within single Arctic plant species.
Increasing emissions targets will save billions
Major new analysis out today concludes that introducing tougher carbon emissions targets will save the UK, and other European countries, millions of pounds.