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The Wild Flower Society was founded in 1886.
It has as its aims:

  • to promote a greater knowledge of field botany among the general public and in particular among young people;
  • to advance education in matters relating to the conservation of wild flowers and of the countryside;
  • to promote the conservation of the British flora.
The Wild Flower Diary

The central and distinctive activity of the Society is based on the Wild Flower Diary in which members record the plants they find each year. The Diary contains a printed list of 1,000 species and a space for further entries.

Members are allocated to Branches on a roughly geographical basis. Each Branch has a Secretary to whom Diaries are sent for comment at the end of the year and who will answer questions about plant identification.

Keeping a Diary is not a condition of membership, but many members find it an enjoyable and instructive discipline.

Other activities include:

Field Meetings which are held on most weekends in the summer, and which are open to all members, and various competitions, including photographic competitions and special competitions for juniors.

The Annual General Meeting is held in November, followed by a tea party at which members can meet their Branch Secretaries and each other. 

The Wild Flower Magazine is published three times a year and contains Branch reports, reports of field meetings, articles on botanical subjects, news of members, book reviews, etc.

For details of membership please write to:

The Wild Flower Society,
68 Outwoods Road,
LE11 3LY

Registered Charity Number 271694
Common Poppy Wall-rue
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