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What is the Message Board for? 

When you click on the Delphi link you are passed to a Web-based message board which Delphi calls a CustomForum. The message board keeps a record of participants' comments in an orderly and easy-to-read manner. Discussion on different topics can be organized into "threads" which enable participants to view the entire conversation, from the first note to the last. This organization allows everyone's comments to be viewed in the order they were made. 

Can I use the Message Board? 

To use the Message Board, you need to have Netscape 2.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or America Online version 3.0 (or better). These browsers support "cookies," an essential technology for accessing the CustomForum. 

What happens if I use it? 

When you first visit the Message Board, you are asked to register. Delphi say this is so that  'we can show them pertinent messages (e.g. those they haven't read yet), be provided the personalized features such as the MyDelphi page, and be an identifiable member of a strong community of people.' Some forums ask for information on your age, sex, etc, for advertising purposes - the Wild Flower Page doesn't.

How do I register? 

You just register once and it only takes a minute. You need to choose and enter a password. If you wish, this can be saved so that, on future visits, you just enter your Membername and then click on the Login button. 

What can go wrong? 

If you get an error that says "Membername/Password combination invalid" - what does that mean? You are mistyping your Email Address, Password, or both. To 
access the Message Board, you must use the Email Address and Password combination that you chose when you first created your account. If you cannot recall that information, please refer to the email you received after signing up, entitled "Your CustomForum account has been registered". This message contains a reminder of your login information. 

If you keep getting returned to the Login page,  your browser has cookies disabled. You will need to enable     this feature in your software in order for the CustomForum login procedure to work properly. If you are using Netscape 4.0 or newer, click on Edit, Preferences, Advanced. Choose "Accept all 
cookies." If you are using Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer, click on View, Internet Options, Advanced, Cookies. Choose "Always accept cookies." Then, reload the login screen (or restart your browser) and try again.