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Warning: these plants eat meat
Just be thankful they’re small

Peter Marren

Living in interesting times
Climate change spells an uncertain future

Francis Rose

Bring it back
‘Once it’s gone, it’s gone for ever
Chris Baines

A personal view
The Life Lobby

Simon Barnes

Annual Sea-Purslane
A story of brinkmanship
Chris Gibson

Finding the Military Orchid
Serendipity strikes
J. E. Lousley

Going with the Flow
An awe-inspiring 8,000-year-old peat bog
Jim Gilchrist

Daffodils at Gowbarrow
Inspiration for William
Dorothy Wordsworth

Preface to the Reader
"... inspired with a passion for Botany ..."
John Ray

How does your garden stow?
The Millennium Seed Bank
Jeremy Cherfas

In search of spring flowers
A quest for the stinking hellebore
Tony Hare

Recovering from a sticky situation
A link with Scotland's royal past

The Nine Herbs
An Anglo-Saxon charm

Gerard's Herball 
" ... the earth apparelled with plants ..."
John Gerard

From the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries
Herrick, Clare, Wordsworth, Thomas, Graves, Smith ...


British plants

These lists contain 1529 of Britain's better-known vascular plants. They are formatted so that they can be copied and pasted into your spreadsheet, in case you want to manipulate them. To remove the double quotes, copy them into a word processor and do a search (for ") and replace (with nothing). 

These are 77K files, so they may take a while to download. 

Sorted by English names 
Sorted by Latin names 

Plants in Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981, Schedule 8

This list includes vascular plants, mosses, ferns and lichens which are protected from uprooting. More details are here

Sorted by English names 

Plants in Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981, Schedule 9

Plants which it is an offence to introduce to the wild. More details are here

Sorted by English names

UK Biodiversity Group:
Biodiversity Action Plan index

The seven volumes of Action Plans have no index, which makes finding specific species difficult.This index includes the vast majority of species and habitat action plans and statements, omitting a few not listed on the Biodiversity Group's own server.

The list is 'tab-delimited', so it can be sorted in a spreasheet if desired.

Genetically modified crops

The Public Register Index, a list of applications to release genetically modified organisms and their release sites, up to date at August 1998. 

The same thing in text-only form. 

12cm measure

Although the sizes of the parts of a flower are often crucial in identification, I know of only one field guide which includes a ruler. You can print this ruler out from your browser, cut it out and stick it in your field guide for easy reference. 


Past issues for May to December 1999 and onwards are available here.