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Plants in Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981, Schedule 8 
Adder's Tongue, Least 
Alison, Small 
Anomodon, Long leaved
Beech-lichen, New Forest
Bolete, Royal
Broomrape, Bedstraw 
Broomrape, Oxtongue 
Broomrape, Thistle 
Cabbage, Lundy 
Calamint, Wood 
Caloplaca, Snow 
Catapyrenium, Tree 
Catchfly, Alpine 
Catillaria, Laurer's 
Centaury, Slender 
Cinquefoil, Rock 
Cladonia, Upright Mountain 
Large Yellow Feather 
Cladonia, Convoluted
Clary, Meadow 
Club-rush, Triangular 
Colt's-foot, Purple 
Cotoneaster, Wild 
Cottongrass, Slender 
Cow-wheat, Field 
Crocus, Sand 
Crystalwort, Lizard 
Cudweed, Broad-leaved 
Cudweed, Jersey 
Cudweed, Red-tipped 
Deptford Pink
Dock, Shore 
Dwarf spike rush
Earwort, Marsh 
Eryngo, Field 
Fern, Dickie's Bladder 
Fern, Killarney 
Flapwort, Norfolk 
Fleabane, Alpine 
Fleabane, Small 
Fleawort, South Stack
Frostwort, Pointed 
Galingale, Brown 
Gentian, Alpine 
Gentian, Dune 
Gentian, Early 
Gentian, Fringed 
Gentian, Spring 
Germander, Cut-leaved 
Germander, Water 
Gladiolus, Wild 
Goosefoot, Stinking 
Crimmia, Blunt-leaved 
Feather-moss, Polar
Flamingo moss
Goblin lights
Gyalecta, Elm 
Hare's-ear, Sickle-leaved 
Hare's-ear, Small 
Hawk's-beard, Stinking 
Hawkweed, Northroe 
Hawkweed, Shetland 
Hawkweed, Weak-leaved 
Heath, Blue 
Hedgehog fungus
Helleborine, Red 
Helleborine, Young's 
Horsetail, Branched 
Hound's-tongue, Green 
Knawel, Perennial 
Knotgrass, Sea 
Lady's-slipper, Sea 
Lecanactis, Churchyard 
Lecanora, Tarn 
Lecidea, Copper 
Leek, Round-headed 
Lettuce, Least 
Lichen, Artic Kidney 
Lichen, Ciliate Strap 
Lichen, Coralloid rosette 
Lichen, Ear-lobed Dog 
Lichen, Forked Hair 
Lichen, Golden Hair 
Lichen, Orange Fruited 
Lichen, Elm 
Lichen, River Jelly 
Lichen, Scaly Breck 
Lichen, Stary Breck 
Lily, Snowdon 
Liverwort, Lindenberg's 
Liverwort, Leafy 
Marsh-mallow, Rough 
Marshwort, Creeping 
Milk-parsley, Cambridge 
Moss, Alpine Copper
Moss, Baltic Bog
Moss, Blue Dew
Moss, Blunt-leaved Bristle
Moss, Bright Green Cave
Moss, Cordate Beard
Moss, Cornish Path
Moss, Derbyshire Feather
Moss, Dune Thread
Moss, Glaucous Beard
Moss, Green Shield
Moss, Hair Silk
Moss, Knothole
Moss, Large Yellow Feather
Moss, Millimetre
Moss, Multifruited River
Moss, Nowell's lime-stone
Moss, Rigid Apple
Moss, Round-leaved feather
Moss, Scleichers Thread
Moss, Triangular Pygmy
Moss, Vaucher's feather
Mudworth, Welsh 
Naiad, Holly-leaved 
Naiad, Slender 
Orache, Stalked 
Orchid, Early Spider 
Orchid, Fen 
Orchid, Ghost 
Orchid, Lapland Marsh 
Orchid, Late Spider 
Orchid, Lizard 
Orchid, Military 
Orchid, Monkey 
Panneria, Caledonia 
Parmelia, New Forest 
Parmentaria, Oil Stain 
Pear, Plymouth 
Penny-cress, Perfoliate 
Pertusaria, Alpine Moss 
Physcia, Southern grey 
Pine, Ground 
Pink, Cheddar 
Pink, Childing 
Plantain, Floating Water 
Polypore, Oak
Pseudo-cyphellaria, Ragged 
Psora, Rusty Alpine 
Puffball, Sandy stilt
Ragwort, Fen 
Ramping-fumitory, Martin's 
Rampion, Spiked 
Restharrow, Small 
Rock-cress, Alpine 
Rock-cress, Bristol 
Rustwort, Western 
Sandwort, Norwegian 
Sandwort, Teesdale 
Saxifrage, Drooping 
Saxifrage, Marsh 
Saxifrage, Tufted 
Solenopsora, Serpentine 
Soloman's-seal, Whorled 
Sow-thistle, Alpine 
Spearwort, Adder's-tongue 
Speedwell, Fingered 
Speedwell, Spiked 
Star-of-Bethlem, Early 
Stonewort, Foxtail 
Stonewort, Bearded 
Sulphur-tresses, Alpine
Threadmoss, Long leaved
Violet, Fen 
Water-plantain, Ribbon-leaved 
Wood-sedge, Starved 
Woodsia, Alpine 
Woodsia, Oblong 
Wormwood, Field 
Woundwort, Downy 
Woundwort, Limestone 
Yellow-rattle, Greater