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February 2000
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GM crops

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Naturenet: The Ranger's Award

Europe - "One last chance"

The Lords call the tune; butterflies for the chop; an international tragedy; GM crops endanger organics but popular with farmers; let's flood East Anglia; another Silent Spring soon? fragile soils and skylarks; NBN money; warmer winters and starving hedgehogs; remembering; toads and toadstools. 

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Last chance?
Scottish weather

A hedge for squirrels in Jersey

A pioneering purchase in Essex, defending Norfolk, 100 Londoners at risk, Slimbridge restored and Cannock saved, otters in Stafford, trees in Burnley and a new SSSI in Cleveland; birds in Ireland, a plastic wrapper for a fen, and algae again; Scottish alders diseased; a new Plan; extending the Cairngorms and polluting Loch Lomond; trouble with crayfish and hedgehogs; and rats on Ramsey. 

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Science section

Why don't plants get sunburn? Some bats got a second shot at evolution, butterflies at war, sticklebacks support Darwin, birds learn, phytoplankton needs to be just right, ozone depletion - blame marshes, and don't ignore the edges. 

And those limpets undermining our cliffs.

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Marine corals
Genetically modified crops Genetically-modified crops

A famous victory for Europe and comon sense; Tesco rejects GM test veg - then backs down; 9 out of 10 Britons want stricter controls on GM organisms; and the international scene. 

Genetically modified crops


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