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The Wild Flower Page

Web indices

Internet Directory for Botany The basic source for botany on the net. 
Main plant index, Durham University Botanic Garden. One of the few British sites dealing with flowers. 
UK Horticultural, Botanical and Conservation Contacts 
Scott's Botanical Links--Subject Index 
Chez Marco's Botany Pages
Studying plants

Botanical Society of the British Isles - Welcome Page
Kew Scientist on WWW
The Plant Kingdom
Atlas Florae Europaeae Database
The Families of Flowering Plants - Index
Find Wildflowers Online
Botany- Navigation Bar
Seeds of Life
Carrefour BIODIDAC. Digital resources for teaching biology. 
Botanical Epithets What all those second parts of latin names mean. 
Plant Physiology at the University of Birmingham: single cell 
approaches to environmental stress 
Database of the Wild Flowers of England and North West Europe

Flower Delivery - thank you Abby!

Den virtuella floran
Dictionary of Plants
Why are Plants Interesting? The Scots grasp the nettle. 


Flora of Europe
Flora Celtica home page - welcome
EIC - biological data bases
Ecology - Skye - Vegetation
Plants of Hull : Main Index
Sefton Coast - Botany
Wild Flowers of the Limestone Dales of the Peak District area of Derbyshire, England
Derbyshire County Plants
Cranham Marsh Nature Reserve
Essex Grasslands in 2000
Cornish Biological Records Unit 
Cornish Flowering Plant Checklist 
Flora of Alderney

Botanical Gardens

Kew, The Royal Botanic Gardens
IBIS - Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
RBG, Kew - Database Introduction
The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
National Botanic Garden of Wales, Middleton
Landlife National Wildflower Centre


Shore dock
Three-lobed crowfoot
Wild cotoneaster
Early gentian
Floating water-plantain
Fen orchid
The Orchid Research Newsletter

Plants in the Past

Natural History Museum
QEN Home Page: palaeovegetation
Atlas of palaeovegetation
Cambridge plant evolution and palaeoecology
Annals of Botany


Plantlife The wild-plant conservation charity
Recovery Plans and Planning - Reference List
Habitat Restoration - Reference List
Plant Re-introduction and Recovery - Reference List
Vegetation establishment and ecological restoration on Channel Tunnel spoil at Dover, UK
Sainsbury Orchid Conservation Project
The Postcode Plants Database Enter your postcode and you get a list of your local plants! 
Floralocale The importance of keeping local plants, local. 

Plants with a purpose

A Modern Herbal Home Page. One of my favourite pages (the book was available in Penguin and may still be). 
Herbal Medicine (Traditional Medicine)
Pharmacognosy - What's in Plants
UK Health Centre - Herb Monographs
Henriette's Herbal Homepage
FFF: Flora-For-Fauna Home Page The best plants for animals (and insects, etc). 
Plants for a future. Pages suggesting that plants may actually be of some use! 
Cultivation and Extraction of Natural Dyes for Industrial Use in Natural Textile Production
Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book (PPIGB)


Internet Directory for Botany: Images. The original site. 
Bilder ur Nordens Flora. Scandinavian flora with pictures 
Welcome to the Flowerbase
British Wild Flowers Gallery
Wildlife Matters: Home Page (Photographs). A commercial site selling photos. 

Taking photographs

How To Photograph Flowers
New York Institute of Photography

Mosses, bryophytes

Mosses and Liverworts in Wales
British Bryological Society
Threatened bryophytes
British Mycological Society


British Trees
British Trees - SYLVA
Trees of Time and Place
Tree Physiology On-line
TOTAP - Trees of Time and Place
Conservation Foundation: Native Elm
Black Poplar

Fungi, lower plants 
The Book: Mushrooms and Light
The British Lichen Society
British Bryological Society