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It would be nice if all the plants we wanted to see were on our back door-steps but the various regions of Britain are rich in different habitats. If we know we will be visiting an area it would be nice to know where to go to find interesting plants; searching for wild flowers is fun but we don't all have as much time as we would wish. 


With the Plantfinder you can click on each dot to see what sort of plants to expect there. 
I have chosen these sites to give a representative selection of British habitats; most of them are nature reserves of one sort or another. Many of these reserves include rare and otherwise interesting flowers but others are just particular habitat examples. 

I have not visited them all myself (only about 15%!) so I should welcome comments. Bear in mind that some of these sites are tiny and others very large. Keep to public footpaths unless you have permission to stray.

P Plantlife reserve 
R RSPB reserve 
Aberthaw Shore 
ST 043659 
Pebble beach, saltmarsh and limestone cliffs: yellow horned-poppy, sea radish, sea purslane, sea aster, rock sea-lavender, sea holly, purple gromwell. 
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Ainsdale Sand Dunes 
SD 290105 
Dunes, slacks and woodlands: sea-spurge, sea holly, early marsh-orchid, marsh, pendulous and dune helleborine, kidney vetch, autumn gentian, grass-of-Parnassus, round-leaved wintergreen; red squirrels too! 
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Asby Scar 
NY 648103 
Upland limestone grassland and pavement: common rockrose, wild thyme, juniper, wall lettuce, mountain melick. 
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Balgavies Loch 
NO 528508 
Loch, fen, woodland: yellow water-lily, amphibious bistort, bogbean, cowbane, yellow iris, tufted loosestrife, coralroot orchid. 
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NX 0882 
Shingle spit and lagoons: sea campion, sea sandwort, oysterplant, wild carrot. 
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Barnack Hills and Holes 
TF 075046 
Medieval quarry and limestone grassland: pasqueflower, cowslip, quaking-grass, small scabious, dropwort, common rock-rose, purple milk vetch, squinancywort, mountain everlasting, knapweed broomrape, bee, fragrant, man and pyramidal orchids. 
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Ben Eighe 
NH 000650 
Pinewood, upland: water avens, globeflower, melancholy thistle, dwarf juniper, creeping willow, crowberry, dwarf cornel, trailing azalea; arctic-alpine species: bearberry, moss campion, alpine saw-wort, sibbaldia, northern rock-cress, mountain sorrel. 
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Ben Lawers 
Schist mountain upland: roseroot, wood crane's-bill, alpine forget-me-not, alpine cinquefoil, alpine saw-wort, moschatel, alpine gentian, rock whitlow-grass, yellow, drooping and purple saxifrage, alpine scurvygrass. 
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Ben Lui 
NN 2626 
Northern outcrops: mossy, purple and yellow saxifrage, round-leaved wintergreen, roseroot, globeflower, alpine saw-wort, mountain avens, alpine bartsia. 
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Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits 
SE 144478 
Disused workings, riverside and scrub: teasel, all three water-lilies, common water-plantain, green alkanet, yellow rattle, selfheal, weld. 
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Berney Marshes R  
TG 465055 
Marsh mallow, narrow-leaved hare's-ear, sea clover. 
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Berry Head 
SX 943564 
Devonian limestone: white and rock stonecrop, white rockrose, honewort, goldilocks aster, small hare's-ear. 
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Black Wood of Rannoch 
NN 5755 
Pine forest: chickweed and common wintergreen, lesser twayblade. 
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Box Hill 
TQ 179513 
Chalk downland and woodland: box and yew, common twayblade, deadly nightshade, wayfaring-tree, marjoram, salad burnet, sainfoin, stainking hellebore, ploughman's-spikenard; man, bee, musk, pyramidal and fragrant orchids; autumn lady's-tresses. 
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Bradfield Woods 
TL 935581 
Ancient coppice woodland: small-leaved lime, field maple, dogwood, spindle, guelder-rose, primrose, bluebell, oxlip, water avens, herb-Paris, early-purple orchid. 
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Braunton Burrows 
SS 464326 
Coastal dunes with sea holly, sea stock, biting stonecrop, Portland and sea spurge, wild thyme, water germander, yellow rattle, common twayblade, ragged robin. 
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SE 499176 
Riverside and woodland in limestone gorge: common twayblade, early-purple orchid, spring cinquefoil, carline thistle, common rockrose, four violets, stinking hellebore, squinancywort, hoary plantain, hemlock, houndstongue. 
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Buckholt Wood 
SO 894131 
Beech woodland with common whitebeam, oak, wych elm, wayfaring-tree, wild cherry, yew, dog's mercury, sanicle, primrose, woodruff, green hellebore and small scabious. 
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Cader Idris 
SH 730114 
Mountain crags, lakes and woodland: round-leaved sundew, common butterwort, globeflower, Welsh poppy, spring sandwort, purple and mossy saxifrage; arctic-alpines include moss campion. 
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Caeau Tan y Bwlch P  
SH 431489 
Greater butterfly orchid, cranberry and other meadow and mire species. 
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NO 2070 
Mountain, steep corries: arctic-alpines include purple saxifrage, alpine bistort, alpine meadow-rue, northern bedstraw. 
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Cairn Gorm 
NJ 0005 
Mountain summit: cloudberry, dwarf cornel, crowberry, bilberry, bearberry, starry saxifrage. 
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Cavenham Heath 
TL 757727 
Breckland heath with biting stonecrop, common centaury, common stork's-bill, bird's-foot, mossy saxifrage, cross-leaved heath, dodder, gipsywort, water mint, yellow loosestrife, yellow iris. 
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Church Wood R  
SU 973873 
Mixed woodland: butcher's broom; green hellebore, Solomon's-seal, primrose, wood spurge, ragged robin. 
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Cocklawburn Dunes 
NU 032482 
Dunes and grassland with buck's-horn plantain, thrift, sea sandwort, cowslip, bloody crane's-bill, autumn gentian, purple milk-vetch, kidney vetch. 
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Compton Down 
SZ 368854 
Chalk grassland: early gentian, early-purple, bee, pyramidal and green-winged orchids, salad burnet, squinancywort, clustered bellflower, carline and dwarf thistles, cowslips, wild parsnip. 
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Cors Caron 
SN 696632 
Raised peat bog: cross-leaved heath, crowberry, bog-rosemary, cranberry, bog asphodel, all three sundews. 
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Crab Wood 
SU 436298 
Old oak woodland with Solomon's-seal, lily-of-the-valley, bird's-nest and early-purple orchids, nettle-leaved bellflower, perforate St John's-wort. 
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SO 188159 
Limestone crags, acid heath and bog: five rare whitebeams, angular Solomon's-seal, uncommon hawkweeds, limestone polypody, mossy saxifrage, herb Robert, round-leaved sundew. 
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Credacott Meadows P 
SX 234963 
Culm grassland with lesser butterfly and heath spotted orchids, wavy St Johns wort and whorled caraway. 
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Cromford Canal 
SK 333544 
Derelict canal: reed sweet-grass, water horsetail, branched and unbranched bur-reed, square-stalked St John's-wort, hemp agrimony, arrowhead, water-plantain. 
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Culbin Forest 
NH 997614 
Dunes and saltmarsh: creeping lady's-tresses, coralroot orchid, chickweed and one-flowered wintergreen, se aster, sea milkwort. 
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Culbin Sands R 
NH 901573 
Shingle beach: oysterplant. 
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Cwm Idwal 
SH 640590 
Corrie lake and crags: bog asphodel, milkwort, cross-leaved heath, moschatel, purple saxifrage, alpine meadow-rue, moss campion, mossy and starry saxifrage, globeflower, sea campion; lake with awlwort, water lobelia, pillwort, quillwort, shoreweed. 
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Davies Meadow P  
SO 373486 
Orchids, betony, yellow rattle, pignut, ancient perry pear orchard. 
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Devil's Dyke 
TL 570660 
Chalk grassland on earthwork: bloody crane's-bill, pasqueflower, purple milk-vetch, salad burnet, squinancywort, clustered bellflower. 
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Dinnet Oakwood 
NO 464980 
Semi-natural oakwood: chickweed and common wintergreen, stone bramble. 
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Dowrog Common 
SM 769268 
Lowland heath and wetland: bell and cross-leaved heather, purple-loosestrife, fleabane, sneezewort, saw-wort, bog asphodel, bogbean, ragged-Robin, square-stalked St John's-wort, marsh lousewort, marsh cinquefoil. 
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Dungeness R 
TR 063196 
Vast shingle ridge: sea kale, fine-leaved sheep's fescue, dwarf broom, short-leaved water starwort, Jersey cudweed, Nottingham catchfly, stinking hawksbeard. 
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Dunwich Common 
TM 476685 
Coastal heath with gorse and western gorse, broom, sand sedge, sea campion, sea-kale, sea pea, yellow horned-poppy. 
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SN 609942 
Estuary, dunes and raised bog: sea rocket, prickly saltwort, sea spurge, Portland Spurge, common centaury, biting stonecrop, hare's-foot clover, early and northern marsh-, bee and pyramidal orchids, marsh helleborine. 
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Earl's Hill 
SJ 409048 
Hill grassland, valley woodland: rock faces with rock stonecrop, wood sage, navelwort; grassland with bluebell, lesser celandine, primrose, meadow saffron; woodland with bugle, alternate-leaved golden saxifrage, wild service-tree and large-leaved lime. 
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East Wretham Heath 
TL 914886 
Breckland heath: wild thyme, wild mignonette, dyer's greenweed, viper's-bugloss, hound's-tongue, musk mallow; meres with golden dock, knotted pearlwort, amphibious bistort, shining and fennel pondweed. 
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Furnace Meadow P  
SU 976278 
Diverse flora of about 200 species in Wealden meadow includes pignut, pepper saxifrage, zigzag clover, ragged robin, water plantain, sneezewort. Ancient semi natural woodland in the rough with wild daffodils, moschatel and early purple orchids. 
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Gait Barrows 
SD 480772 
Limestone pavement, woodland, meadows and wetland: tutsan, hemp-agrimony, saw-wort, northern bedstraw, angular Solomon's-seal, dropwort, lily-of-the-valley, deadly nightshade, mountain melick, stone bramble, pale St John's-wort, dark red helleborine. 
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Garbutt Wood 
SE 508833 
Cliffs, scree, woodland: bloody crane's-bill, heath bedstraw, northern marsh-orchid; bogbean, skullcap, tufted loosestrife, marsh cinquefoil near Lake Gormire. 
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Graig Fawr 
SJ 064802 
Limestone crags, grassland and scrub: common and hoary rock-rose, small scabious, harebell, biting stonecrop, carline thistle, salad burnet. 
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Grange Meadow P 
SP 648204 
Water meadows: 111 species include tubular water dropwort, greater spearwort, great burnet. 
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Grass Wood 
SD 989649 
Ash woodland, limestone screes and pavement: primrose, lily-of-the-valley, burnet and guelder rose, bloody crane's-bill, woodruff, rock whitebeam, limestone bedstraw. 
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Great Orme 
SH 780832 
Limestone headland: four cotoneasters, goldilocks, spiked speedwell, spotted catsear, hutchinsia, dark red helleborine, hoary rock-rose, spring cinquefoil, spring squill, spring sandwort. 
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Hafod Wood 
SJ 324477 
Woodland and wetland: great horsetail, hemlock water-dropwort, bird cherry, red currant, guelder-rose, wild daffodil, wood spurge. 
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Hayle Estuary R 
SW 546364 
Western ramping fumitory, orchids. 
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Hickling Broad 
TG 427222 
Broad, reed and sedge beds, woodland: frogbit, holly-leaved naiad, water-violet, marsh sow-thistle, milk-parsley, cowbane, hemp-agrimony, water dock, marsh pea, common spotted and southern marsh-orchids, sea milkwort, marsh-mallow. 
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NC 2719 
Moorland and limestone outcrops: mountain avens, serrated wintergreen, Norwegian sandwort, purple saxifrage, dark red helleborine, mountain avens, moss campion, stone bramble, black bearberry, mountain azalea, cloudberry, dwarf cornel, least willow. 
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NC 681612 
Seashore, dunes, moorland: dwarf juniper, mountain avens, crowberry, bearberry, creeping willow, sea and moss campion, yellow and purple saxifrage, alpine bistort, Scottish primrose, dark red helleborine, pyramidal bugle, purple oxytropis. 
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Isles of Scilly 
SV 91 
Dunes with sea rocket, prickly salt-wort, yellow horned-poppy, dwarf pansy, orange bird's-foot; cliffs with Hottentot-fig; shore dock, navelwort, small tree-mallow. 
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Ivinghoe Beacon 
SP 961168 
Chalk grassland and scrub: salad burnet, common rockrose, cowslip, kidney and horseshoe vetch, bladder campion, wild mignonette, yellow rattle, and fragrant and common spotted orchids. 
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Kenfig Pool 
SS 802815 
Dunes and wetland: sea rocket, sea and prickly sandwort, sea holly, sea spurge, wild pansy, evening primrose, viper's-bugloss, autumn lady's-tresses, yellow rattle, round-leaved wintergreen, dewberry, tubular water-dropwort, yellow loosestrife. 
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Keyhaven-Lymington Marshes 
SZ 300908 
Shingle ridge and mudflats: glasswort, sea aster, sea plantain, annual sea-blite, sea kale, sea-lavender, sea-purslane, sea wormwood, yellow horned-poppy, golden samphire, hare's-foot clover, little Robert. 
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Kiln Wood 
TQ 888515 
Coppiced woodland with herb Paris, yellow archangel, common twayblade, early-purple and common spotted-orchids, guelder-rose, bluebells, wood anemone, primrose; water-violet and gipsywort around a small pond. 
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ST 539967 
Tidal riverbank with English scurvygrass, sea aster, spear-leaved orache, buck's-horn plantain, common sea-blite, sea plantain, sea milkwort and sea-spurrey; woods with small-leaved lime, wood spurge, spurge-laurel and wild madder. 
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TM 285319 
Shingle, scrub and woodland: sea campion, yellow horned-poppy, sea pea, sea-holly, sea-kale, sea bindweed, sea sandwort, curled dock, rue-leaved saxifrage, teasel, prickly lettuce, narrow-leaved pepperwort, dittander. 
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Lenwade Water 
TG 110184 
Flooded gravel workings with scrub, bulrush, bogbean, purple-loosestrife, climbing corydalis, lesser teasel. 
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Leyburn Old Glebe Field 
SE 100895 
Traditional Dales meadow: agrimony, salad burnet, purging flax, hoary plantain, moonwort, green-winged and burnt-tip orchids, cowslip. 
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NU 096432 
Dunes, saltmarsh, mudflats: common scurygrass, sea aster, thrift, viper's-bugloss, hound's-tongue, bog pimpernel, creeping willow, grass-of-Parnassus, early and northern marsh-, common spotted- and northern coralroot orchids, rough clover, sand cat's-tail. 
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Llanymynech Rocks 
SJ 266218 
Old limestone quarry: dogwood, dog's mercury, oxeye daisy, marjoram, common rock-rose, yellow-wort. 
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Loch Garten R  
NH 9718 
Pine forest, lochs and wet moors: cowberry, cow-wheat, juniper, chickweed wintergreen, creeping lady's-tresses, lesser twayblade, serrated, common and intermediate wintergreen, bog asphodel, sundew, butterwort, field gentian, goldenrod, water lobelia. 
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Lydden Down 
TR 276451 
Ancient chalk downland: yellow-wort, salad burnet, chalk milkwort, dropwort, cowslip, dyer's greenweed, horseshoe vetch, fragrant orchid, autumn lady's tresses, common centaury. 
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Martin Down 
SU 058192 
Chalk downland: bee, fly, frog and burnt orchids, chalk milkwort, early gentian, field fleawort. 
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Mersehead R  
NX 9255 
Isle of Man cabbage. 
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Moaneys and Crawyns Meadows P  
SC 375957 
Yellow rattle, yellow bartsia, purple loosestrife, heath spotted orchid, royal fern. 
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Morrone Birkwood 
NO 1390 
Birch-juniper woodland: downy birch, juniper, alpine cinquefoil, Scottish asphodel, alpine rush, serrated wintergreen, twinflower, small-white orchid. 
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Naze Point 
TM 266245 
Grassland with strawberry clover, slender thistle, pepper-saxifrage. 
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New Pond, Gerrards Cross 
TQ 0088 
Plantlife 'Back from the Brink' site with resurgent starfruit. 
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Newborough Warren 
SH 406636 
Dunes, saltmarsh, headland: sea spurge, sand cat's-tail, wild pansy, cuckooflower, meadow saxifrage, creeping willow, dune helleborine, annual sea-blite, sea arrowgrass. 
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Newport, cliffs north of 
SN 0440 
Perennial centaury. 
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North Meadow 
SU 099944 
Old-meadow grassland with adder's-tongue, great burnet, cowslip, oxeye daisy, southern marsh-orchid, common meadow-rue and fritillary. 
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Oughton Head Common 
TL 172307 
Wetland: tussock-sedge, yellow iris, purple-loosestrife, hemp-agrimony. 
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Ouse Washes R 
TL 471861 
Fringed water-lily, greater water-parsnip. 
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SS 501865 
Dunes, salt and freshwater marsh, limestone headlands: sea holly, prickly saltwort, dewberry, sea bindweed, common centaury, dune gentian, early and southern marsh-orchids, marsh helleborine, wild privet, wood sage, wood anemone, enchanter's-nightshade. 
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Pass of Killiecrankie R  
NN 917627 
Oakwood in gorge: wood vetch, bird's-nest orchid, stone bramble, melancholy thistle, giant bellflower. 
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Pepperbox Hill 
SU 212248 
Rough chalk grassland: dogwood, hawthorn, wild privet, yew, juniper, pyramidal orchid, wild basil, lady's bedstraw, agrimony, harebell, wild parsnip, small scabious, dwarf thistle. 
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Pewsey Downs 
SU 115635 
Chalk downs: bastard-toadflax, field fleawort, chalk milkwort, common-spotted, burnt, bee, frog, fragrant, green-winged and pyramidal orchids, horseshoe-vetch, betony, saw-wort, devil's-bit scabious, knapweed broomrape, tuberous thistle, hoary plantain. 
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Plantain Loch 
NX 841602 
Shallow loch: oblong-leaved sundew on northern shore. 
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Plump Hill Dolomite Quarry 
SO 661172 
White horehound, autumn lady's-tresses. 
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Queendown Warren P  
TQ 827629 
Rich chalk downland with 19 species of orchid. 
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Ramsey Island R 
SM 702240 
Pillwort, floating water-plantain, three-lobed crowfoot, balm-leaved figwort. 
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Red Rocks Marsh 
SJ 204884 
Dunes with sea milkwort, sea sandwort, sea rocket, sea holly; dune slacks with marsh and common spotted orchids; wild asparagus, parsley-piert on open areas; reedmarsh has gipsywort, yellow iris, water mint, meadowsweet. 
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Rodborough Common 
SO 852035 
Limestone grassland: orchids (common spotted, pyramidal, early-purple, green-winged, fragrant), pasqueflower, wild licquorice, clustered bellflower, autumn gentian, hoary plantain, yellow-wort, carline thistle and many other lime-lovers. 
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Roudsea Wood and Mosses 
SD 335825 
Mixed woodland and mire: buckthorn, guelder-rose, spindle, giant bellflower, columbine, herb-Paris, toothwort, pyramidal orchid. 
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Rye Harbour 
TQ 942187 
Foreshore, shingle, saltmarsh: all five native species of glasswort; sea aster, sea-purslane, sea-heath, biting stonecrop, yellow horned-poppy, sea pea, biting stonecrop, viper's-bugloss, lesser centaury, henbane, blue fleabane, green-winged orchid. 
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Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes 
TF 465924 
Dunes, marsh and mudflats: sea plantain, sea-lavender, sea purslane, dewberry, viper's-bugloss, common centaury, bog pimpernel, autumn gentian; bee, pyramidal, early and southern marsh- orchids. 
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Sandbach Flashes 
SJ 725595 
Subsidence ponds formed by salt mining: sea aster, lesser sea-spurrey. 
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Savernake Forest 
SU 225667 
Mixed woodland: agrimony, lady's-bedstraw, hairy St John's-wort, selfheal, wood spurge, meadow saffron. 
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Seaton Cliffs 
NO 667416 
Coastal cliffs: bird's-foot trefoil, primroses, violets, marsh-, early-purple and heath spotted-orchids, tufted, wood and purple milk-vetch. 
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Skipwith Common 
SE 669378 
Heath, marsh, woodland: bog pimpernel, marsh pennywort, skullcap, round-leaved sundew, twayblade, spotted orchid, broad-leaved helleborine, yellow-wort. 
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Slapton Ley and Sands 
SX 826431 
Freshwater lagoon, reedbeds and shingle: strapwort, Ray's knotgrass, shore dock, sea radish, yellow horned-poppy. 
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Snettisham R 
TF 648335 
Tidal sand, mudflats and gravel workings: glasswort, sea aster, sea-purslane, sea arrowgrass, rock sea-lavender, sea beet, shrubby sea-blite, sea-kale, yellow horned-poppy, hound's-tongue, springbeauty, viper's bugloss. 
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South Stack R  
SH 205823 
Coastal heathland, cliffs: spathulate fleawort; spotted rockrose, golden samphire, rock sea-spurrey, English stonecrop, common scurvygrass, bog pimpernel. 
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South Walney 
SD 215620 
Sand dunes, saltmarsh and mudflats: glasswort, sea aster, lax-flowered sea-lavender, sea purslane, yellow horned-poppy, sea holly, henbane, ploughman's spikenard, henbane. 
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Spurn Head 
TA 417151 
Shingle promontory and dunes: marram, sea holly, sea buckthorn, springbeauty, sea bindweed, yellow-wort, ploughman's-spikenard. 
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St Cyrus 
NO 7464 
Foreshore, dunes and cliffs: Nottingham catchfly, soft and rough clover, great mullein, viper's-bugloss, marjoram, carline thistle, wild licquorice, henbane, hairy violet, clustered bellflower, maiden pink, common cornsalad. 
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St David's Head 
SM 734272 
Rocky headland and coastal moors: bell heather, tormentil, rock sea-spurrey, biting and English stonecrop, orpine, harebell, saw-wort, hairy greenweed, dwarf forms of oxeye daisy and rock sea-lavender. 
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SR 966948 
Lakes, dunes and sea cliffs: betony, slender St John's-wort, marjoram, wild madder, ploughman's-spikenard, kidney vetch, dewberry, common centaury, Portland and sea spurge, rock sea-lavender, golden samphire, viper's-bugloss, rock sea-spurrey, thrift. 
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The Firs 
TL 02837 
Heathland on greensand: gipsywort, giant horsetail, skullcap and marsh violet in wetland area. 
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The Lizard 
SW 701140 
Coastal heathland, some on serpentine: Cornish heath, Dorset heath, pale butterwort, lesser butterfly orchid, yellow centaury. 
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Therfield Heath 
TL 348406 
Chalk downland: cowslip, pasqueflower, clustered bellflower, wild mignonette, common rock-rose, salad burnet, wild candytuft, dropwort, bee and fragrant orchids, spotted cat's-ear, bastard toadflax. 
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Thompson Meadow P  
SE 508170 
Lime-loving flowers include early purple, fragrant and common spotted orchids, carline thistle and spring cinquefoil. 
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Totternhoe Knolls 
SP 986216 
Chalk grassland with lady's bedstaw, bird's-foot trefoil, salad burnet, eyebright, basil thyme, wild mignonette, orchids, clustered bellflower, autumn gentian. 
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Upper Teesdale 
NY 907283 
Upland arctic-alpine plant assemblage: shrubby cinquefoil, alpine pennycress, mountain avens, spring gentian, Teesdale sandwort, Teesdale violet. 
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Upton Meadow P 
SO 856402 
Riverside meadow with meadow saffron, narrow-leaved water-dropwort, tasteless water-pepper and common meadow rue. 
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Westfield Wood 
TQ 757608 
Yew and mixed woodland: sanicle, common twayblade, stinking iris, traveller's joy, wayfarer's tree, stinking hellebore, burnet and guelder rose, spindle, whitebeam; bluebell, yellow pimpernel, butcher's-broom and green hellebore on deeper soil. 
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Wicken Fen 
TL 563705 
Relict fenland with southern marsh-orchid, yellow rattle, hemp agrimony, wild angelica, milk parsley, common reed, greater bladderwort, fine-leaved water-dropwort, lesser water-plantain. 
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Winks Meadow P  
TM 303799 
6 orchids, cowslips, pepper saxifrage, adders tongue fern,sulphur clover and quaking grass. 
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Woods Mill 
TQ 218137 
Woodland, grass, marsh: wild service-tree, wood anemone, bluebell, lesser celandine, moschatel, saw-wort, wood spurge, common spotted-orchid, bogbean, water dock, marsh-marigold, water-plantain. 
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Wye and Crundale Downs 
TR 077455 
Chalk downland and woods: orchids: late and early spider, bee, burnt, musk, man, fragrant, pyramidal and lady. 
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Wyre Estuary 
SD 346486 
Saltmarsh: common, lax-flowered and rock sea-lavender all at one site; sea campion, restharrow, sea-lavender, sea aster, sea plantain, glasswort. 
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Wyre Forest 
SO 759766 
Oak woodland with bilberry, bracken, cow-wheat, wood sage, lily-of-the-valley; damp valley with hemp-agrimony, meadowsweet, wild service-tree, small-leaved lime. 
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Ynys-Hir R 
SN 683963 
Estuary, saltmarsh, woodland: cross-leaved heath, bog pimpernel, common butterwort, lesser skullcap, ivy-leaved bellflower, trailing St John's-wort, all three sundews, bog myrtle, bog asphodel, bog rosemary, heath spotted-orchid, sea aster, sea milkwort. 
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Yockletts Bank 
TR 125467 
Chalk woodland: bluebell, ramsons, wood anemone, common figwort, lords-and-ladies, dogwood, wood spurge, sanicle, yellow archangel; lady, greater butterfly, pyramidal, fly, early-purple orchids and common twayblade. 
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